Koh Samui: Day 2

We woke up this morning with great energy.  After calling it an early night, we went to bed knowing we wanted to wake up around 6:30 to hit up the local market for some cheap breakfast.  It was absolutely worth it.  I have found that starting our days early has given us a totally different engergy that really gives our day a positive spin.  Anyway, the market was so cool.  Spense and I were intrigued by what we thought were quail eggs, when we approached the stand the lady just gave us some to try! For free! That does not happen in the US.  They were actually flour and coconut water, and tasted like a very light, semi-fried, semi-loose lady fingers.  It was hard to explain.  But they were great.  Chandler and Glover think Spense and I stop to look at too many things, but I just like to see everything. 


We proceeded to get our breakfast, a porridge with a bit of chicken and some other stuff.  Chandlers had a raw egg in it but we decided not to do it.  There was also loose ginger that we added, which added a nice touch, it was surprisingly my first time having ginger here.  Spense ruined his meal AGAIN with chile powder.  The boys love to do that.  I just do not add any to be safe. 

Quick side note, the coffee here is AMAZING! Jeez louis.  I never woulda thunk it.











After our meal and buying of random ingredients for dinner, we headed home.  We bought some shrimp, crabs, rice and some sauces and veggies for dinner.  It was amazing, but I’llexplain that later.  We went into a little flower market of sorts on our way back and I got some great shots.  Everything is just beautiful.









After we got back, we rented some motorbikes for 200 baht a day, which is about 6 dollars, and went to explore.  The bikes made me a little nervous at first but Spense did well.  I gripped into his sides for the majority of it, but by the end of the day, I was comfortable enough to let go.  We ended up at Fisherman’s Village.  I had read about this spot, and thought it would be a fish market, boy was I wrong.  It was a tourist trap, something I have noticed is very common on Koh Samui.  It was filled with overpriced restaurants and tourist stores.  We walked through it, unsuccessfully tried to bargain for clothing and left.  Spense offered to pay 100 baht for a 450 baht shirt…surprising that she rejected him…  Anyway, from there we headed to “Waterfall 2”. 



After what seemed like an hour riding along the coast, we finally pulled up at the Waterfall.  Ron, the building manager of our lodge said that Waterfall 2 was less touristy than 1 so we thought it would be better.  Who knows if he was right, but we were VERY disappointed.  We walked up a dirt path through the woods instead of paying 100 baht for a ride.  This was ultimately a good idea, but as someone who is recovering from ACL surgery, it was hard.  We finally reached this so called Waterfall and were confronted with a fee of 50 baht, obviously.  Luckily, we got a free water out of it.  Basically, we thought we would be jumping into fresh water pools and giggling merrily with our other foreign peers.  Instead, we (I) had to go slowly across slippery rocks and dodge photographs of posing Russians, just to find nothing further.  In my honest opinion, don’t go.  It’s pretty but I give you permissin to steal my pictures and say you were there.









We were defeated by the time we got home.  It started to downpour on the way which was actually awesome.  It felt great in the 90 degree weather and humidity.  We stripped out of our wet clothes and into something dry before sitting down for some beers and cribbage.  Ron came by and invited us to his family dinner tomorrow evening for his sons birthday, he is turning 5.  We asked what kind of things he liked, and he said “violent things”.  When we went by their house later, his son had a fake rifle and pretended to shoot us with it, I guess Ron was right. 

We went to 7/11 after the storm calmed down to get some necessary snacks.  I got a frozen ham and cheese sandwich, I wish I didn’t like it so much.  7/11 is like crack here.  There is one on every corner, I have become friendly with the employees at the one closest to us.  They think I look young. 

Everyone here is obsessed with being “white”.  There are tons of whitening products everywhere we go.  Many girls’ faces are about five shades lighter than the rest of their body, it is so bizarre. 

Anyway, Chandler and Glover went on a beer run while Spense and I started cooking.  We KILLED dinner tonight.  Sitkcy rice with carrotts, onions, pineapple, cucumber, shrimp, and crab.  Kind of a random combination, but everything tastes good when cooked in coconut milk, soy sauce, and sweet and sour. 

Alright, we are probably going to drink more beer now.  One love.




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