Koh Samui: Day One

Koh Samui is paradise. After a very long bus ride, we made it in around 9 pm. We took a VIP bus from Bangkok that left at 7am. It was very comfortable. The seats were nice and wide and reclined almost all the way back. AND we were given snacks and water right away. I was very impressed, but if something is too good to be true, it usually is. The bus too a pit stop somewhere mid way between Bangkok and Koh Samui. We got a complimentary meal and were able to use the bathroom (a hole in the ground) and buy snacks or drinks. The bus attendant said it would be a 20 minute break. However, after waiting the first hour we had a feeling she had no idea what was going on. Chand and Glover left their bags with all their important shit on it, so tensions were high. They eventually started drinking some beer which eased the stress. There were many ladyboys working at this particular rest stop and one tried to seduce Glover in the bathroom. That gave us some entertainment while we waited, I don’t think he thought it was as funny. I’ll never forget his face hahahahahaha. Anyway, the bus finally returned after 2 and a half hours with no explanation at all. I guess that’s just Thailand for ya. 20131110-150204.jpg

We finally got to Koh Samui around 9pm and were so relieved to find the lodge we rented to be just as beautiful as the pictures. We’re staying in a little two bedroom, two bath house only a few minutes from the beach. It has an amazing wrap around deck and is relatively far from the densely populated tourist areas. We slept very comfortably in two king beds with our romantical mosquito nets. I’m sure Chandler and Ryan really liked sharing it. 20131110-150526.jpg

I was awoken by some friendly roosters, who just really wanted me to get up and smell the roses. So, that’s exactly what I did. Except there aren’t roses so I smelled some bushes and then tried to take pictures of said roosters but they were being shy. Lame. I’ll get them tomorrow.

Side note, don’t take doxycycline on an empty stomach because there is a really good chance you may throw up. I learned that the hard way today. But I prevailed and we went on a tour of the area with Ron, the property manager. We’re a one minute walk away from a huge local market with amazing, cheap food. The hours are from 4 am – 9 am, so tomorrow we’ll get on that.

We went to the beach around 11 and fell in love. The pictures speak for themselves. We found a little beach side bar and got a few drinks, chilled in the treehouse and laid on their fun chairs. 20131110-151341.jpg









One thought on “Koh Samui: Day One

  1. I am currently in Hua Hin Thailand and we are planning a short jaunt to Koh Samui soon. I love the pics of your bungalow. I would love to know the name of the bungalows, if you feel comfortable sharing. My email is andthreetogo@yahoo.com. If you get a chance to write me, I would really appreciate the info! Have fun on your trip!

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