So, we finally arrived in Bangkok! This post is about two days late because we’ve been very busy bees. Our flight got in at round 12 am on Tuesday.  We had a six hour flight to San Fran from Boston, then a twelve hour flight to Beijing.  Lucky for us Air China is very very comfortable and we got all the free beer and wine that we wanted. On top of that, our flight was not full so we got to sprawl out in our seats.  From Beijing we had another 5 hour flight o Bangkok.  Needless  to say, we were exhausted. Unfortunately Ryan’s bag never made it. But it was delivered the next day, no worries.


Going through customs was a breeze. We were a little nervous that they would question us about having a one way ticket but they actually said nothing. It was “Thank you” and “goodbye”. I was so relieved to see my big ‘ol backpack waiting for me at baggage claim.

After getting our bags we headed over to the “SIM Card Kiosk”. I bought a SIM card for 550 baht (about $18). For three weeks I get unlimited internet and local calls. Pretty amazing deal if you ask me. We called the owner of our guesthouse to let her know we were coming. It was 2am at this point so she wasn’t that thrilled to hear from us. Our cab only cost 500 baht and lasted about a half hour. We finally arrived at 3 am. The actual location of the guesthouse came as a surprise compared to the highways we took from the airport. The cab driver didn’t actually know where we were so he had to call Joy and make sure.

We are staying at the U-Baan guesthouse and it is absolutely perfect. We decided to stray away from the typical hostels on Kao San Road and I am so glad we did. The guesthouse is totally away from tourist traps. There is amazing food on every corner and a 7/11. Which has been our best friend so far. We buy huge jugs of water and ration it out among us. I also secretly love the little pastry things filled with taro even though the boys think I’m gross. I actually got Glover on board and now he loves em.



So far the food is the best part of Bangkok. Meals are about $1-$2 and I usually have trouble finishing them. They’re made with fresh(?) ingredients and are cooked right in front of you. So far none of us have gotten sick, so that’s a good thing.


I’ll do a day by day post starting now so I don’t bore you all with one post that’s just too long yo.

One love.

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