Fall Fall Fall

Fall in New England is absolutely unparalleled.  I find myself not being able to keep up with the changing leaves and the brisk weather.  I know that as soon as I find the perfect fall coat, I will have to retired it for a bulky winter jacket.  Luckily, I’m escaping to Thailand just in time.

Recently, the boy and I went to a cardboard boat race.  I know, wtf???  I really didn’t get it. For one thing, its about 55 degrees outside, and another, how does a cardboard boat stay afloat?  Turns out, this is a really good question.  Some floated, some sank, I am still not sure what the trick is.

Manchester by the Sea
Manchester by the Sea

DSC03678 DSC03681 DSC03685

One of the boats


DSC03689How cute is this one!

DSC03690 DSC03691 DSC03700 DSC03708 DSC03713 DSC03722 DSC03725 DSC03728 DSC03733 DSC03741 DSC03745 I also went to Manhattan last weekend with one of my dearest friends.  We found Chandelier, the name of this gorgeous mannequin, on the side of the road, and decided she needed a loving family.  Isn’t she just beautiful? I’ve never met anyone more photogenic.

DSC03750 DSC03756 DSC03758

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