Koh Samui: Day 4

It was really hard to top day 3 in my opinion. I obviously woke up earlier than the boys and was bored. I left to take a walk to 7/11 to get some Tiger Balm and saw Ron on the way. He was with a group of Russian guests and invited me to go to lunch with them. I had an American breakfast which was amazing, bacon, eggs and toast, coffee and an orange smoothie of sorts. It was great AND he treated me. I ended up going back with the boys later because the prices were so good.



We were all really out of it from the night before but rallied and decided to go up a nearby mountain. Little did we know how fucking crazy it would be. At first it was just a windy road. It was a little scary on the back of a motorbike, but it was doable. Then the pavement was gone. We couldn’t believe it. It was a clay road and just having rained there were puddles everywhere. Someone actually told us we could motorbike up the mountain, it seemed impossible. Only the real pros could. We ditched the bikes and decided to walk. At about twenty minutes in a actually thought I would cry. It was tough. And I was only wearing my little dinky black brace. I’m much less fit than the boys, and it certainly became clear to me then. That’s why all the pictures I have of them are from behind hahaha.
















We eventually said “fuck dis shit” and turned around. We didn’t want to be stuck in the dark once the sun set. We made our way down and were relieved to see our bikes right where we left them. I took a quick shower , changed and went to get a much needed pedicure while Chand and Glover got massages. The ladies working at the “salon” were the absolute cutest women ever. They were so sweet and friendly, the Thai people in general are really friendly… Except the girl who made us our coffees. She was NOT friendly.

I paid $6 for this pedicure. Oh yeah baby. I told the ladies about my boyfriend and they were really upset he wasn’t there, so I made him come visit. The owner told us we had to get married right away. People have been saying that to is a lot. Pretty awkward… She also said that our daughter would be Miss USA! What a compliment. They gave us some tea and little baby bananas to snack on and we waited for the boys to reemerge.



They were VERY satisfied/in some pain after their massage. Dinner was in order. We went to this gorgeous restaurant on the beach called the Beachside Cafe Talay, or something like that.


Our meals were amazing. The boys got a three course set for 290 baht which is just under $30. They got shrimp cocktail, barbecue king fish, and ice cream and fruit. I had read on trip advisor that the spring rolls and curry were amazing so that’s exactly what I got. It was the best curry I have ever had. Not too spicy and just enough cream to balance it all out.

We all felt really tired after dinner, but had agreed to go with Ron and his brother Nick to Chawang, which is where all the bars are. It was tough getting there but I’m glad we did. It was nuts! Completely different than Mae Nam. It felt more like Spring Break than anything I’ve ever seen. We started at a place called Ark Bar, which was also a hostel. Talk about staying in a shitty place. There were rooms directly next to the bar. There were also little boys and girls walking around trying to sell things to the tourist. One came up and hugged me, it was adorable, she knew exactly what she was doing. I felt bad saying no, but at the same time it was ridiculous. Ron said most of them were Cambodian or Burmese, because Thai parents would never allow their children to work like that. There were some drunk British girls behind us who were bragging to everyone about giving the girls food instead of money. They probably got robbed at some point.

After we all shared a tower of beer and some Jell-O shots, we went to play pool at the Green Mango. It was a fun place, but I absolutely suck at pool so I didn’t care much for it. I love seeing the different bars here though, they all cater entirely to tourists. The girls bathroom actually had a table of makeup you could pay to use. Sort of a brilliant idea but most likely unsanitary.



We decided to call it an earlyish night (1am) because we had the bikes and didn’t want to be drunk driving them home. This seems like an obvious choice for us Westerners but the Thai don’t seem to care at all.

It was definitely cool to see Chawang but I really liked the atmosphere of Mae Nam a lot more. We were able to live more comfortably for the same price.

We had one more day in Koh Samui left and it was very bittersweet. I’ll write about it soon! One love.

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