Oh my Chiang Rai

After Chiang Mai, we headed to Chiang Rai, where we are now.  We're staying in a great hostel called Fun - D.  It is the cleanest one we have stayed in thus far.  There are also public computers we are able to use, which is a huge bonus.  I am now a blogging MACHINE!  The … Continue reading Oh my Chiang Rai


S’more Chiang Mai

In all honesty, we hard core CHILLED after returning from our trek.  We decided to do a Visa Run to we could stay in Thailand longer because we only had a few more days.  It was about 5 hours to the Myanmar border and 5 hours back to Chiang Mai.  It was incredibly easy.  We … Continue reading S’more Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai! Cooking like the locals

This post is delayed but we're FINALLY in Chiang Mai. I've been most excited to come here of all the places in Thailand. Especially since everyone we've met has given it rave reviews. Bangkok is amazing, but a big city can be very intimidating sometimes. There are major political protests happening there also, which makes … Continue reading Chiang Mai! Cooking like the locals