Oh my Chiang Rai

After Chiang Mai, we headed to Chiang Rai, where we are now.  We’re staying in a great hostel called Fun – D.  It is the cleanest one we have stayed in thus far.  There are also public computers we are able to use, which is a huge bonus.  I am now a blogging MACHINE!  The reason it takes me so long to write blogs is because I have the worst tablet ever, so I have to do them all on my phone.  That means uploading them from my camera to Dropbox on my tablet.  They downloading them one be one on to my phone, and uploading those one by one to WordPress.  Just so you know.

We had plans to take a trolley tour of the city yesterday but Spense was sick so we skipped it and lollygagged instead.  We have been to the night market twice, for the great food and live music.  But what I’ve been really looking forward to is seeing the White Temple.  Well, today we went and it was amazing.  The pictures speak for themselves, but it was hard to actually capture the beauty of the temple.  It has all the classic architectural features of a Thai temple, but with an amazingly modern twist. From afar it is elegant and ethereal.  Up close however, is much different.  There are goblins and ghouls and dragons.  Hands reach up from the ground as if to grab you.  I have never seen anything so intricate in my life.  EVER.  The White Temple is by far the best temple/building/statue I have ever seen.  Alright, I think you get it? It’s pictchaaa time.


These heads hung from all the trees.  So cool/creepy
These heads hung from all the trees. So cool/creepy

DSC04814 DSC04816 DSC04817 DSC04818 DSC04822 DSC04826 DSC04831 DSC04834

I'm not sure what this symbolizes but I imagine it is deep
I’m not sure what this symbolizes but I imagine it is deep

DSC04838 DSC04840 DSC04841 DSC04842 DSC04844 DSC04845 DSC04846 DSC04850 DSC04852 DSC04853 DSC04854 DSC04856 DSC04859 DSC04861 DSC04867 DSC04874

These reminded me of the locks bridges in Paris
These reminded me of the locks bridges in Paris

DSC04879 DSC04882 DSC04889 DSC04895 DSC04897 DSC04899 DSC04903 DSC04904 DSC04907 DSC04908 DSC04911 DSC04913

Spense's idea...
Spense’s idea…

DSC04919So I assume you get it now, after looking at all 43 of my pictures.  Pretty amazing.  If we weren’t leaving tomorrow I would probably try to go back.

We’re heading into Laos so I’m not sure what our connection to the social world will be like, I’ll write as often as possible!

One love.

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