Back to Bangkok, it feels like home

So we made it back to Bangkok yesterday after about 10 hours of traveling. There aren’t the words to describe the feeling I got when we finally started to enter Bangkok. I love the bustle of everything, the street food lining the sidewalks, the crazy motorbike drivers, and the lights for blocks and blocks. We had to stay at a hostel near Kao San road because our fave guesthouse was booked for the night. This ended up being perfect! We stayed at Rainbow Hostel. It was nice, two rooms with double beds, ac, and our own bathroom. The beds may have been cardboard, but we’ve grown quite used to that.

We took some much MUCH needed showers and headed to Kao San road. We bought some cheap beers at 7/11 and walked around to find some food. It was crazy packed. Every other step someone asked us to go to a Ping Pong show… Google it. We said no about ten times until we seriously started to consider it. We got some amazing street soup and let ourselves get lost in the area. Something that is seriously underrated. 20131123-192147.jpg20131123-192206.jpg20131123-192649.jpg
Ok…. So we went to a Ping Pong show. Ugh. It was SO bad and weird. We all left in weird weird moods. The night was going so well until that happened. I’m glad I went? Only because I would have always wondered. But if anyone is looking for advice, it’s not fun or cool or crazy, mostly just uncomfortable. We went the f to sleep after that.
This morn we packed up and came back to U-Baan. We were so excited to see Joy! We’re sharing a room this time. But it’s a bigger room, I like it better. Chandler’s debit card doesn’t come until Monday so we are going to go north Tuesday.

We decided to get lost a little bit today.
Instead of taking our usual left out of the guest house, we went right and found ourselves some amazing iced coffee and noodle soup. This time we put ALL the condiments in. It’s very common to mix sugar and chili powder here. At first, I thought it was totally weird, and then I tried it. So good. Try it.


We (I) decided to go shopping. The boys wanted electronics but I was excited to head to Platinum Mall. It’s basically just a huge wholesale mall, so everything is cheaper, especially if you buy in bulk. I split up with the boys right away and got lost in a sea of clothes, purses, and shoes. I bought myself a much needed purse, the one I have is tiny and ugly and breaking, and a pair of shorts. Both were under $10. I probably could’ve spent all my money there except for limited space in my backpack. Also, no one is allowed to try anything on so I was really skeptical about the fit of everything.

*really quick side note: the boys are working out in the room right now while I ice my knee and it’s HILARIOUS. They always do this. Use their backpacks as weights and get really creative. I’m laughing hysterically to my lazy self. *





Tuk tuks were our best friends today. There was tons of traffic so tuk tuks were the only vehicles willing to give us rides. Plus they zip around all the cars in record timing. Many fellow tuk tuk riders laughed at us as they passed. I guess three grown men and a girl all squished into a little backseat is entertaining.

We went back to Kao San for some killer Indian food. After stuffing our faces, we walked it all off, getting lost once again. We found ourselves at a gorgeous little park on the water.




Getting a cab home was near impossible because the Thai are protesting again. Joy said they decided they don’t want a government, but I’m pretty sure that was an exaggeration. Anyway, we found a good old tuk tuk and came home to our humble little guest house.

I think we’re gonna head to RCA tonight. It’s the party area that kicks Kao Sans ass. I’m excited! The boys need some convincing but I feel good about it. Wish us luck! One love.

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