Koh Phangan in a Nutshell

Koh Phangan is stunning. Though it seems much more touristy than Koh Samui, it is even more beautiful. This definitely has to do with the fact that we are staying in the most amazing bungalows. 20131119-105355.jpg
I’m going to sum up our entire stay on Koh Phangan in one post, because we honestly didn’t do much. It was très koastal.
Ban Kai beach (where we are) is about an eight minute drive in a taxi to Haad Rin, the epicenter of the island. By epicenter I mean tourism gold. Bars, parties, shops, food, bungalows, everything. The road to get there is very windy. It’s actually like a roller coaster ride. I am so impressed that people have the courage to do in on a motorbike. I’m also not the biker type so anyone on a motorbike impresses me. Woo, anyway, the drive is nuts! Especially in the rain, which it’s been doing a lot here. I’ve never seen rain quite like it. It comes down in buckets for about ten minutes and then blows away. It will do that sporadically throughout the entire day.

The second day we were here, I took the journey up to Haad Rin with Julia, a German girl staying at our Bungalows. It was nice to go shopping with a girl for once. Don’t get me wrong, the boys are great, but there’s nothing like shopping with fellow sistas. I bought a really cool dress/pant/onesie thing. The crotch almost touches the ground, SO me. I think the boys stayed home that day and chilled but I was glad to get away for a bit. We went on a beautiful walk along the beach, I was completely blown away by the landscape. 20131119-110447.jpg20131119-110458.jpg


The tides here are nuts. In the morning and early afternoon it’s relatively high but at about 2 o’clock, it goes way way out. It’s impossible to go swimming in. We walked all the way out to a sandbar the other night, beers in hand. The watch dogs of the Bungalows came with us. Wally is a Rottweiler and Max is a German Shepard. They’re the first pure bred dogs we’ve seen!



So the cool thing to do in Thailand is drink buckets of alcohol. Us recent college grads were excited. We were feeling a little cocky about the whole thing until Martin, the owner, said there was the equivalent of 12 drinks in ONE bucket. We had ordered four… Luckily, finding people to share was easy. It sort of united the whole group of us, so it was well worth it.


I met an American girl and a South African girl who I really really like. It was refreshing to find people I know I would be friends with back at home. We went shopping the next day together for things to wear to the Full Moon Party. A lot of the stuff being sold were cheap neon shirts so I settled for some tie dye and a flower headband.

I was lucky enough to catch the sunset with my camera that night. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen (I feel like I’ve said that a lot recently). I went a little photo crazy, so be warned, sunset pics coming…. Right now.







That black and white thing I’m wearing has legs! It’s not a dress! Ha!

The Full Moon Party was awesome. So much fun. Unfortunately my lovely boyfriend had one too many buckets so we had to head home early. Everyone had lost each other within ten minutes of getting there anyway. It was so easy to lose people, the party was on an entire beach and it was packed. There were stands of buckets lining the sand and annoying drunk people (like us) trying to haggle for a better price. I’m pretty sure when you do that they just give you cheaper vodka. I danced my ass off for a good half hour before our friends slowly started to disappear into the crowd. At least I was keeping drunky company because it could have led to some problems.

The next day was all about recuperation… And water. Drinking lots of water. For some reason I had toast and peanut butter for breakfast. It was so unsatisfying.



The food at Rainbow Bungalows is some of the best we’ve had in Thailand. We have not eaten anywhere else but here since we arrived… Except for burger once, Spense and I shared a burger… It was av. Martin is awesome also, he goes out of his way to make sure everyone is comfortable. He’s hilarious. He’s been shooting the shit with us for five days now. Him and his wife, Noi, own the place together. They lead an amazing life. They cook, mingle and just chill in paradise everyday. We’ve all talked about doing exactly what they’re doing someday, it’s a perfect way to live.

So today’s our last day here. We have to say goodbye to our hot shower, air conditioning, and relatively comfortable beds. Koh Tao is next, it’s the island just about Koh Phangan, known for it’s beaches and diving. We booked a hostel because it’s harder to find a place with four people. I have a feeling it’s going to be gross, so we may change our plans. The ferry over is an hour and a half and we leave in about an hour. So far this trip has been even better than anything I could have imagined, so I am really looking forward to Stage 4 of Thailand.

Wish us luck! One love.

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