Dublin for a Day

After a relatively comfortable flight from Boston to Dublin, Ireland, my family and I had ten hours to kill on our layover to Barcelona. In an effort to fight off jet-lag, we decided to check our carry-on bags, hop on a bus, and go straight to Dublin’s famous Grafton Street.  The first hour or so was a struggle.  We were grumpy, sleep deprived, and uncomfortable in our clothes from the night before, (luckily, I always carry spare undergarments for this exact reason).  Everyone took turns napping on the bus ride and I was sneaky enough to take pictures of it.  Finally, we arrived and an amazingly sweet Irish girl pointed us in the direction of Grafton Street and we made our way to any possible restaurant that was open.

The only girl who looks pretty after a 7 hour flight

Finally, food, about three cups of coffee and water gave us what we needed to continue our day long journey.  We wandered around a bit aimlessly until we found the Grafton Street sign.  I used to work at a restaurant called Grafton Street, so I was especially excited to see what all the hype was about.  Dublin is awesome.  Its beautiful and has a young college student vibe, which I obviously found comforting.

Beautiful Church, whose name I forget…


The street itself is filled with shops, and even more filled with tourists.  It was a bit overwhelming so we rushed through the tour and found ourselves at a lovely park.  At this point we were all a little loopy.

Niki gleeks everywhere
Niki gleeks everywhere
Little house in the park

DSC01456Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with trees, so lets just say I was in heaven.


Look at this trunk!
Look at this trunk!


After completely wearing ourselves out, we headed back to the bus and straight to the airport where we anxiously awaited our final flight to Barcelona.


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